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Copy Stand with Floating Magnet # HD 400, A Compact & Steady Tool for Digitizing Documents, Photos, or Small Objects with Light Weight DSLR Hi-Pixel Cameras

Copy Stand # HD400, A Compact & Steady Tool for Digitizing Documents, Photos, or Small Objects with Today’s SLR Super Megapixel Cameras

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Our Price: $119.95

Product Code: HD400

Why You Should Digitize Your Documents Using a Camera Instead of a Scanner?
The scanner is one the method to create a digital file of a film, document or photograph. But if you want to make a super-fine scan, your high-resolution digital camera or phone (w/adapter-not included) can be used to create high-quality print or video. Copy Mag Stand is a helpful tool for creating copies or videos from prints or small objects since it holds the camera still and parallel to the print. The Copy Mag stand helps to produce a sharp capture and with proper focus and "squared-up" the corners with the grids on the magnetic baseboard of the stand. The Copy Mag Stand is a small (portable) for event photographers, video makers, photo labs, PowerPoint presentations, documentary filmmakers, restoration artists, painters, students, sign makers, graphic studios, animators, hobbyists, and live show for the jewelry sellers and also when you have to do it “on location”.
For best result, recommended adding 2 lights from both sides at a 45-degree angle.

  • The Copy Mag Stands are small, portable, made for light cameras and easy to setup in 1 minute,100% made in the USA and supports cameras up to 2. lbs.
  • The baseboard is 11.5” x 11.5”, melamine finish with a floating magnet made of a layer of rubber steel plus 2 magnetic strips to fix the originals in place (mag area is 8” x 11”).
  • The floating magnetic board is printed and laminated with ½” precision grids and squared corners for initial setting or focusing, aligning, adjusting and sizing.
  • Steel post is unique, 2” diameter x 12” height with wrinkle powder coating.
  • The Aluminum ‘L’ camera bracket is reversible and adjustable vertically from 7”–17” (camera screw) and travels horizontally around 4 inches.
  • Self-Timer may used for any residual motion you may have caused before takes the picture.